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dhtmlxScheduler is a JavaScript event calendar that allows you to add a Google-like scheduler to your web app or website. Intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows the end users to quickly manage events and appointments in different views: Day, Week, Month, Year, Agenda, Timeline, etc. Very lightweight (about 20Kb gzipped), highly customizable, and fast, dhtmlxScheduler provides a quick way to add an Ajax-based event calendar on a web page.

Basic Scheduler
Ajax/JavaScript Event Calendar - Basic Demo
Recurring Events
Ajax/JavaScript Event Calendar - Recurring Events Demo
Multiple Resources View
Ajax/JavaScript Event Calendar - Multiple Resources Demo
Timeline View
Ajax/JavaScript Event Calendar - Timeline Demo
Map View
Ajax/JavaScript Event Calendar - Map Demo
Click the appropriate images to view the demo. You can add/edit/delete events but changes will not be saved.

dhtmlxScheduler has an extensive JavaScript API and a wide range of events giving you full control over the calendar's look and feel. You can easily customize the scheduler's appearance, add/update events, change the date format or language of the calendar UI.

The scheduler provides easy integration with jQuery and Backbone.js frameworks. You can also use dhtmlxScheduler in your Windows 8 apps written in JavaScript and HTML.

Along with a clean look and swift performance, this event calendar provides a rich set of features.

Basic Views

Events in the calendar can be displayed in a few basic views: Day, Week, Month, Year, and Agenda. Users can navigate through different views using tabs on the top of the calendar. Simple drag-and-drop interface allows users to easily change events time and duration. If needed, the scheduler can be displayed in read-only mode.

DHTMLX Scheduler - Week and Day Views

Multiple Resource Views

dhtmlxScheduler provides Units View to display several calendars for multiple resources simultaneously (such as human resources, office locations, rooms, etc.). The calendars for different resources are arranged in columns, so you can see all of them on one page.

DHTMLX Scheduler - Multiple Resource Views

One more option to display events/tasks/appointments for several resources at a time is a Timeline View. You can also enable the hierarchical structure and show the resources in expandable groups. The Timeline View can be used to visualize and monitor the progress of ongoing tasks or projects.

Server-Side Integration

dhtmlxScheduler is written in JavaScript/CSS so you can use it with any server-side technology. To simplify data communication between the client-side calendar interface and server-side database, we offer dhtmlxConnector. It works like a server-side layer and handles loading, updating and saving of the data. Currently dhtmlxConnector is available PHP, ASP.NET, Java, and Cold Fusion.

Integration with Google Maps

dhtmlxScheduler supports easy integration with Goolge Maps that allows you to display locations associated with the calendar events. In this mode, you just specify a location in an event description or choose the desired location right on the map.

DHTMLX Scheduler with Google Maps

Easy Navigation with Mini Calendar

To simplify the navigation through the calendar, you can display a small date picker either on the left side of the scheduler or as a popup. Users can select a day to see the events for that day.

DHTMLX Scheduler - Popup Date Picker

Recurring Events

dhtmlxScheduler features the ability to display recurring events which can be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Events can be configured in the popup event editor that provides detailed parameters to set up events recurrence.

DHTMLX Scheduler - Recurring Events

Custom Style for Time Intervals

The scheduler allows you to set custom style (color, text, background image, or any custom HTML) and visually define time spans. For example, you can use this feature to highlight the holidays or alert the user that some time intervals are disabled for adding events.

DHTMLX Scheduler - Highlighted Time Spans

Data Import/Export

To provide printing capabilities, dhtmlxScheduler supports export to PDF (available for PHP, Java, and ASP.NET). Find more details and download links of Scheduler-to-PDF functionality here.

The calendar also supports data export to XML, JSON, and iCal formats, as well as the ability to load calendar data from JSON file or object. There is a special utility for iCal export that facilitates the export functionality and allows you to share the calendar data across different apps and devices.

Export to PDF and PNG

dhtmlxScheduler has an online export service that allows you to export your calendar to PDF or PNG formats and print it, if needed. Try the demo. Please note that the service works with DHTMLX server. If you want to use it locally, we can provide you the separate packages for export.

By default, the generated PDF/PNG document includes a watermark. The Commercial/Enterprise License holders can use this service without a watermark on one domain within the support period (30 days for Commercial License, 12 months for Enterprise License). This period can be extended ($70 per year for one domain). For more details, contact .

Completely Customizable

The rich JavaScript API allows you to change virtually every aspect of the calendar's look and feel, including colors, texts, scales, first day of the week, etc. You can even create your own custom views to display events in your own way, for example, in work week view. A popup form for editing event details can be also configured to contain custom fields and match the exact needs of your calendar.

DHTMLX Scheduler - Predefined Skins

Our Ajax event calendar comes with 4 predefined skins. To customize the color scheme for the skin, use the online Skin Builder that allows you to define colors of each element of the calendar interface.

Support for Touch Screens

dhtmlxScheduler provides full support for touch screen devices (iOS, Android, Windows 8), including desktop monitors, tablets, and smartphones. All features available in dhtmlxScheduler are working on touch screens, including drag-and-drop, scrolling, and editing.

Editions and Licenses

dhtmlxScheduler is available in Standard and PRO Editions. The PRO Edition supports a set of additional powerful features. To get dhtmlxScheduler PRO trial, please fill out this form.
NOTE: The ability to display multiple scheduler instances on one page is available only under Enterprise license.

dhtmlxScheduler is distributed under the following licenses:

GNU GPL v2 - Allows the use of dhtmlxScheduler Standard in GPL-ed projects for free. Download dhtmlxScheduler - Ajax/JavaScript Event CalendarDownload

Commercial License ($449) - Allows you to use dhtmlxScheduler PRO in one project (application) with an unlimited number of copies. With this license, you receive 1 month of technical support (or 5 support requests within 12 months). Buy dhtmlxScheduler - Ajax/JavaScript Event CalendarBuy it

Enterprise License ($979) - Allows you to use dhtmlxScheduler PRO in an unlimited number of projects on the condition that all of them are developed by one company. Free support/upgrades are provided for the first 12 months. Also the Enterprise license includes an extra PRO feature - the ability to display multiple scheduler instances on one page.Buy dhtmlxScheduler - Ajax/JavaScript Event CalendarBuy it


  • dhtmlxScheduler Standard Edition is available under GNU GPLv2
  • dhtmlxScheduler PRO Edition supports number of additional features and is distributed under Commercial and Enterprise license. (details)
  • The ability to display multiple scheduler instances on one page comes with Enterprise license only.
  • Get dhtmlxScheduler PRO trial
Supported browsers:

    Main Features

  • Lightweight
  • Powerful JavaScript API
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Multiple views: Day, Week, Month, Year, Agenda, Timeline (PRO), Grid (PRO)
  • Multilingual (25 languages)
  • PHP, ASP.NET, Java, CF connectors
  • Single/multi-day events
  • Recurring events
  • iCal format support
  • Bootstrap compatibility
  • Export to XML, iCal, JSON, PDF
  • Customizable time scales
  • Mobile version for iOS and Android
  • Google Map integration
  • Custom form for recurring events
  • Multiple schedulers on page (PRO)
  • Multisection Events (PRO)
  • New in v.4.3

  • Multiday Units View
  • Ability to display the days instead of sections in Timeline view
  • New events for the 'expand' extension
  • Ability to link events using the URL extension
  • New option - touch_tooltip for the Tooltip extension
  • New option - now_date for the Limit extension
  • Compatibility with dhtmlxSuite fixed
Skin Builder for Scheduler Use to customize dhtmlxScheduler skin