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Latest update: v.2.2 / v.1.5 / v.1.0
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dhtmlxConnector is an extension for the DHTMLX library, which maps client-side components onto the server-side datasource. Supported components are:

Effective Data Communication and Processing

With dhtmlxConnector, you don't need to worry about data formats anymore. dhtmlxConnector handles data connections between the server side and the client-side DHTMLX components, seamlessly loading content from the database to the browser.

When integrated with dhtmlxDataProcessor on the client side, dhtmlxConnector also takes care of update, insert, delete operations. It organizes server-side functionality to support special modes for components working with large amounts of data (such as dynamic loading, Smart Rendering, and paging) as well as server-side sorting and filtering.

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Learn how to use the connector to map dhtmlxGrid to the database, implement server-side sorting and filtering, and save changes to the database when the grid is edited.

Integration with DataProcessor

As mentioned above, another great feature of dhtmlxConnector is easy integration with dhtmlxDataProcessor, which provides client-side visualization and communication. Due to this integration, application users will receive information about the current state of changed records, mandatory fields, and possible errors. Developers get events system and validation capabilities which provide full control over data processing.

dhtmlxDataProcessor is included in the dhtmlxGrid, dhtmlxTreeGrid, and dhtmlxTree packages, as well as in dhtmlxSuite. dhtmlxConnector can also be used with dhtmlxCombo.

Documenation and Demos

To help you get started with dhtmlxConnector quickly, we've created detailed documentation and examples of what you can do with the connector. Both the documentation and the examples are included in the dhtmlxConnector packages. You can also find the documenation online:

Terms of Use

The use of dhtmlxConnector and dhtmlxDataProcessor is covered by the license terms of the DHTMLX component that they are used with. Their use, in whole or in part, for purposes other than supporting DHTMLX components is prohibited.

Technical Support

There are two ways you can get external technical help on how to use dhtmlxConnectors:

  • Free community support on DHTMLX Forum
  • Guaranteed ticket support from DHTMLX technical support team through the online Support System. It is not included in the standard support subscription for dhtmlxSuite, or individual DHTMLX components, and should be purchased separately. The price for dhtmlxConnector support is $499 per year ($299 for a single component). Buy dhtmlxConnector technical supportBuy it
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