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DHTMLX Touch - Live Demos

The demo apps require a mobile device to look good. You can also run the demos on standard PCs in WebKit browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.) or other desktop browsers (FF, Opera, IE8+), but sizes and behavior of DHTMLX Touch user interface are optimized for mobile devices.

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Book Shop

This demo app for mobile phones shows a glossy dynamic interface for a book shop. Users can browse books items, see them by categories, and order books they like. Components used: Layout, List, PageList, MultiView, Toolbar, Button, Template, Window, Counter.

Menu App for iPad

This is an interactive menu app that allows restaurant visitors to select food and beverages on the dynamic screen of the iPad. The app is optimized for the iPad screen size and looks best on the tablets of similar size. Components used: Layout, List, DataView.

Mobile Scheduler

This app demonstrates an event calendar interface for mobile phones. It enables users to add and manage events and appointments, see the oncoming events, and track their schedules. Components used: Calendar, List, MultiView, Form, Template, Button, Layout.

Touch Components Gallery

View this demo to see what components are included in the DHTMLX Touch framework and how they behave on mobile devices. See the animation effects and check the variety of UI widgets. The demo works on both mobile phones and tablets.

Touch Library Documentation

This demo is also oriented for the iPad and similar devices. It shows DHTMLX Touch documentation articles providing a handy way to browse the docs and quickly navigate through different sections. Components used: GroupList, Template, Toolbar, Layout.

Animal World

Use your mobile phone to visit different continents and meet their unique and exciting animal world! Find the details about each animal and see the variety of creatures on Earth. Components Used: Layout, List, DataView, MultiView, Template, Toolbar, Button.


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