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dhtmlxVault v1.3 Released
Jun 23, 2009
dhtmlxVault has been updated to version 1.3. The component now provides the ability to check file types (extensions) and control number of uploaded files. New version also offers better integration with dhtmlxSuite, localization for text labels, and ready examples of dhtmlxVault integration with different server-side technologies (PHP, JSP, .Net, Perl).

DHTMLX Supports Safari 4
Jun 10, 2009
DHTMLX library has been tested and is confirmed to be fully compatible with Safari 4.

New Product from DHTMLX Ajax Event Scheduler!
May 20, 2009
We're happy to introduce our new product dhtmlxScheduler which allows you to build intuitive and interactive Ajax-based event calendar. The main features include full control with script API, drag-n-drop support, Day/Week/Month view, single/multi-days events, and more.

Fix for dhtmlxGrid v2.1
Mar 16, 2009
The visual issue that was appearing in IE6 in dhtmlxGrid v2.1 was fixed. All the component packages have been updated and available by the same download links.

DHTMLX Has Been Updated to Version 2.1
Mar 11, 2009
We're pleased to announce the new version of DHTMLX Suite which includes lots of significant improvements and bug fixes. All the components were updated to work in IE8 RC, Google Chrome 2 and Safari 4. With this upgrade we also introduce dhtmlxConnector for PHP and dhtmlxTree.Net.

New Build of DHTMLX 2.0 Released
Nov 12, 2008
New build of DHTMLX Suite is now available for download. It includes important bug fixes and some improvements since the previous release. The update concerns almost all the components included in dhtmlxSuite. The full list of changes can be found here.

DHTMLX 2.0 Released!
Oct 10, 2008
We're happy to announce the release of DHTMLX 2.0. This update provides several innovations, the major of which is Layout component that allows developers to easily build web application user interfaces and integrate dhtmlx components into a common structure. All the major components were updated to provide better mutual integration, and new components were added to the Suite.